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The TTLA Sandwich

Eating healthy is a challenge at times but a must if you want to stay healthy. Last week i saw a blog post by a lady name Kathy Patalsky talking about the TTLA sandwich. You may be asking what does the TTLA stand for.The TTLA acronym stands for Tempeh, Tomato, Lettuce and Avocado. Vegans have been eating it for years but if you know the Godfather you will no I am no vegan. I have lost more than 28 pounds in a month by switching to a lower carb, lean meat with some exercise and good sleeping lifestyle that i enjoy. So I did not think this was my cup of tea but I must say when i tried this sandwich I loved it! If...

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Need to make more money?

People have been asking me several times a day what are some good ways to make money online. Most 9 to 5 jobs are not providing the money you need to have a great quality of life or even pay bills. There are several good ways but here are a 10 things do to generate some great income. I have them numbered in no particular order. I will do another blog later going into deeper detail on each way to make money. This is just to point you in the right direction. 1. Launch an Ecommerce site. 2. Build a sales Funnel. 3. Become a virtual assistant. 4.Sell Stuff on eBay,Amazon, Craigslist. 5. Affiliate marketing. 6. Sell services on Fiverr....

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What Necklace Should I Choose?

Choosing the right necklace to wear can be a challenge. Finding the right length is just as important as the style. Its more to a necklace than just picking a short or long style to wear. There are so many different sizes that it can become a task when choosing the right necklace for you.  For instance, you have choker necklaces.They are very tight around the neck and work best with necklines.They can range from 15 to 16 inches. Another style of necklace is the collar necklaces. These are normally 14 inches and it wraps around your neck very tightly. If you like wearing necklaces with a open neck this is your best choice.  If your going for a longer type...

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What Kind Of Earrings Should You Choose?

Choosing the right earrings can be very challenging for a lot of women. Most women do a good job of picking outfits to wear but picking the right earrings is more of a task. Grabbing the most flashy earrings to go with your outfit is not going to do in most situations. So I have put together a few tips on which earrings to pick for various occasions.

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